Cairns Stand Up Paddleboarding Professionals

Cairns Stand Up Paddleboarding professionals are SUP Rite Australia, which are owned and operated by the same friendly crew as Kite Rite Australia. Why are the kiters doing stand up paddleboarding (SUP)? Simple, we love the water and when we’re not riding the wind, we’re touring the waves with a paddle in our hands.

Owner / operator of SUP Rite Australia, Chris is a passionate watersports enthusiast. He’s been riding the wind and waves for as long as he can remember and is one of the few people to turn that passion into a profession. He started Kite Rite Australia in 2000 and Sup Rite Australia in 2007. He has a friendly crew and crowd of peeps that like to get out and SUP whenever and wherever they can.

In fact, we have regular SUP club meetings where we advise of dates and places to meet up to our members. So if you are a SUP enthusiast or just a SUP fan, we invite you to come along and meet likeminded people, while having a little fun. For more information, call Chris on 040 928 3322.

What is SUP or Stand Up Paddleboarding?

An all-weather sport where you can enjoy the water and the world around you. It is exactly what its name suggests. You are standing on a board, paddling along the water, waves or rapids. It can be as gentle or extreme as you want to make it.

SUP originated in Hawaii as an offshoot of surfing. SUP takes lots of forms, from flat water paddles across the ocean or lake, to surfing the waves or riding the rapids. The basic equipment is the same, a board and a paddle. It’s just your interest levels and skills which dictate how and where you want to SUP.

SUP is very popular with lots of people. It’s very accessible and a gentle way to get involved in a water sport. There are a couple of pre-requisites, you must be able to swim to SUP (in case you fall in) and you need to have a relative degree of fitness and ability / agility.

Cairns SUP Lessons

Cairns SUP lessons are run throughout the year at SUP Rite Australia. Lessons are generally limited to a maximum of 15 participants and conducted by a seasoned instructor. You should allow up to two (2) hours per lesson and need to booked in advance, to secure your spot in our group lessons or if you’d like more one on one tutoring, contact us to arrange private lessons. For more information, contact SUP Rite Australia on 040 928 3322.

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